• The child feels stuffy when wearing the mask and refuses to put it on. Is there any way to improve it?
    The poor air permeability of the mask may make the child feel stuffy. It is recommended to replace the mask with one with better air permeability to see whether the child is more likely to wear the mask. The air permeability of EVERYDAY MASK’s antibacterial medical mask for kids is three times as that of general medical masks, which makes you three times as permeable as that of medical masks!

  • Why I feel hurt when wearing most of ear loops?
    Wearing the ear loops can be painful because the elastic force of the ear loops is concentrated behind the ear. The thinner the ear loops, the more obvious this phenomenon is. A pair of 6 mm wide ear loops is used in EVERYDAY MASK, so that the pressure of the ear loops can be averagely distributed on the wide ear loops surface. As a result, the pressure on the back of the ear will be reduced and the ears won’t hurt if you wear it for a long time.

  • The nose itches after wearing a mask for a long time. Why?
    The itch is caused by the long-time friction between the fibers on the non-woven fabric and the nose. Therefore, it is very important to choose suitable non-woven fabrics to make masks.
  • Why is the exhaust gas still coming in when I’m already riding with a mask on?
    If the shape of the mask is not well fitted, the exhaust gas will penetrate into the mask. This usually happens from the sides of the nose, the outside of the cheeks or the gap below. So choose a mask that fits your shape and size to have a good fit.If you want to block out the bad smell in the air, you can use a mask with active carbon ingredients.

  • What is the difference between a non-woven mask and an activated carbon mask? Can they both effectively filter out harmful substances in the air?
    Generally, the most important function of non-woven masks is to filter the dust and bacteria in the air, while activated carbon masks “adsorb” the odor in the air to block the harmful gas molecules in the air mainly based on the characteristics of activated carbon material itself.

  • Are flat masks better or 3D masks better?
    Whether it’s a flat mask or a 3D mask, it’s just different in shape. The choice of masks mainly depends on the material filter efficiency, air permeability and other design, consumers can choose according to their own wearing habits. In terms of fitting, 3D masks are better than flat masks. Therefore, it is recommended to wear 3D masks when exposed to stench and waste gas to prevent stench exhaust gas.

  • What is the quality assurance of GMP certification by the Department of Health?
    “GMP” is the abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice in English, which means “Good Manufacturing Practice” or “Good Manufacturing Standard” in Chinese. It is an independent management system that pays special attention to product quality and health and safety in the manufacturing process. Passing the medical GMP certification of the Department of Health also represents the guarantee of the quality of masks.

  • Can the mask be waterproof in rainy days?
    Non-woven masks are made of porous non-woven fabric that does not block heavy rain.
  • Do I need to use medical-grade masks for cleaning at home?
    In addition to indoor bacteria, viruses, dust mites, PM2.5 in the air (including contact with outdoor air), furniture in homes and office buildings may also produce toxic volatile substances, invisible pollution that harms human health! As indoor air pollution cannot be ignored, it is recommended that medical masks be used when cleaning at home, but considering the needs of indoor environment, HEPA medical masks with higher protection level and air permeability comfort are recommended for wearing.