Product development concept

With unique technology EVERYDAY MASK create with both efficiency and comfortable protection products.
We not only own the high filtration efficiency technology with HEPA,but also more care about comfortable breathability ( more lower in Delta P, more better in air permeability). No more any problem of stuffiness in wearing, breathe the fresh air easily, meanwhile provide efficiency protection against haze and flu virus. Enjoy the life.



HEPA(High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter),is currently widely used for Advanced Air Purifier. We (EVERYDAY MASK) creatively apply the HEPA material to nonwoven mask, which can achieve the characters of HEPA that are effectively filter and high air permeability. In contrast to previous mask in order to improve the protection instead of wearing comfort, HEPA filter not only provide high-quality efficient protection, but also bring more breathable and more comfortable wearing experience.
Easily enjoy pure fresh air !

HEPA Triple air permeability  

EVERYDAY MASK adopts innovative filter material, which is 3 times different from normal mask. It greatly improves the air permeability.