• Why do we create “EVERYDAY MASK”?
    “It’s hoped that people will stop wearing masks every day”. There are a large number of studies and discussions on the causes of air pollution, but ultimately it comes back to people’s heart, whether they have a responsibility to maintain the earth, no longer only care about selfish interests, but are willing to pay more care and responsibility.
    We hope that we can work together to maintain it, and one day, the environment will return to the days when it was still green and clean and the air was good. People will no longer need to wear masks every day. That is what we are looking forward to most.
  • Why is it called “EVERYDAY” MASK?

    We established the brand of “EVERYDAY MASK” with a hope that the mask can make people breathe comfortably when they are in the environment with bad air.
    Just like the pleasant and comfortable environment brought by the good air every day.
    That’s where the name comes from.
  • What are the specialties and characteristics of EVERYDAY MASK?
    1. Latest: A new generation of face masks will evolve to improve the use of traditional medical masks
    2. Most comfortable: choose new material of 6mm ultra-wide ear loops (pressure-free wide ear loops), you will not feel painful even wearing it for a time.
    3. Cleanest: Not only the medical level, but also the HEPA level, which can filter clean air efficiently and provide you with the most comfortable mask air permeability experience.
    4. Most gentle: super comfortable material is used in both inner and outer layers to give the skin the tenderest touch.
    5. Most affordable: it’s made of high-grade materials but with fair price. All commodities are of one price and will not be discounted at a higher price.
    6. Most understanding: create the most suitable mask for you according to various usage situations and environments.
  • How to buy a qualified PM2.5 mask?
    In addition to confirming whether the masks have passed the Taiwan National Qualification Standard of CNS 15980 “Performance Indexes and Test Methods of anti-smog (PM2.5) Masks”, the following three points are the key points for selecting qualified PM2.5 masks:
    1.  Please check the package for “PM2.5 smog-proof mask” and “pass CNS 15980 test”
    2. Check: at least 6 items CNS 15980 must be passed to ensure the protective power of masks
    3. Class: CNS 15980 divides PM2.5 masks into four classes: A, B, C and D. Different PM2.5 concentrations require different classes of masks. Please pay attention not to wearing the wrong class of masks, which will affect the protection force