• With so many masks on the market, how can I choose one suitable for me and my family?
    As there are many brands of medical masks billing themselves as medical-grade ones on the market, and they look similar in the labeling function, it is difficult to choose. For example: masks for motorcycle users will be billed as good fitting, good air permeability and activated carbon and other functions; indoor protective mask flaunts the function such as air permeability, comfortableness and moisture retention.
  • What special labels should I pay attention to when buying masks?
    Please note the following:
    1.  Whether BFE value of bacterial filtration efficiency is > 95%(general specification for medical-grade masks)
    2. Pass the medical GMP certification of Department of Health
    3. With excellent air permeability
    4. With excellent fitting
    5. Other special functions : depending on your own use needs
  • How to buy a medical mask?
    According to the national standard "CNS14774", the standard for general medical masks is: BFE(bacterial filtration efficiency)  >95%,
    Pressure drop (mm H2O/cm²)<5

  • What do I need to pay special attention to the preservation of a box of masks for home use?
    Please place the mask properly to avoid direct contact with air and use it within the expiry date indicated on the package.
  • I always get up in the morning with allergic spraying. What masks are suitable for me?
    It is recommended to use masks with good air permeability and good filtration efficiency. It is recommended to choose Indoor Protective Masks, and follow the treatment of doctors to prevent and cure.

  • I am allergic to dust. Which one should I wear at work?
    It is recommended to choose an Outdoor Anti-bacteria Mask with good filtration efficiency and air permeability, which is most suitable for office workers. Even if you do a presentation in the meeting, wearing a mask will not affect your speech.

  • I usually ride a bike to take the children to class, and I wear a mask especially for motorcycle users, so which one should the child wear?
    Children can choose and wear Anti-bacteria Mask for Children. The 3D model is not only compact, comfortable and easy to wear, but also has functions of anti-bacteria, anti-air pollution, wind protection and warmth retention.

  • Can Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask prevent infection in public?
    Outdoor Anti-bacteria Medical Mask also has medical protection effect, and BFE(bacterial filtration efficiency) is > 99%, which can prevent the chance of infection in public places.

  • Sometimes when I have a cold, I have to work, give a presentation, make a phone call, and which mask should I wear in public?
    Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask with good air permeability and good protective effect can be selected. BFE(bacterial filtration efficiency) is > 99%, so you can have high protection even in public places.It is also 3 times of air permeability, and is less affected by breathing or speaking.