• What is the breakthrough innovation of EVERYDAY MASK?
    It is the first in the industry to apply HEPA filter material from the advanced air cleaner to the non-woven mask and upgrade the mask comprehensively. The HEPA filter material has the dual characteristics of high efficiency filtration and high power air permeability, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also achieves a 3-fold air permeability effect. It breaks the normal situation that general medical masks have to sacrifice the permeability of masks in order to increase the filtration efficiency. It not only brings medical-level protective masks to consumers, but also provides HEPA class high quality experience.

  • EVERYDAY MASK surpasses the medical-class mask on the markets and classifies the products according to the use situations and environments. How many kinds of EVERYDAY MASKs and what situations are they used?
    EVERYDAY MASK is divided into five series of products according to different use situations, i.e. PM 2.5 Smog-proof Mask, Protective Mask Specially for Motorcycle Users, Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask, Indoor Protective Mask and Anti-bacteria Mask for Children:

    1. PM 2.5 Smog-proof Mask_ Class A Purple Alert/ Class B Red Alert
    Smog seriously endangers human health. According to the requirements of different air pollution levels, we follow the Taiwan National Qualification Standard of CNS 15980 "Performance Index and Test Method of Anti-smog (PM2.5) Mask" and plan two masks, i.e. purple PM2.5 anti-smog mask and red PM 2.5 anti-smog mask.
    • Purple alert: It is recommended to wear with PM2.5 below 350 (μg/m3) for Class A protection.
    • Red alert: 70(μg/m3)≤ it’s recommended to wear with PM2.5≤230(μg/m3) for Class B, C and D protection.

    2. Protective Mask Specially for Motorcycle Users
    Dust often appears on the road and the exhaust gas pollution emitted by motor vehicles, long-term inhalation will inevitably cause harm to the human body. EVERYDAY MASK develops special protective masks for motorcycle users according to the needs of them, and designs 3D three-dimensional models to fit the face closely after considering the problem of exhaust gas leakage. In addition, HEPA filter material is adopted to filter dust in the road, and double air permeability can be maintained for a long time of riding, so that you can breathe smoothly and not sultry. In addition, a layer of activated carbon filter material is added to capture organic gas in the air to isolate the  hazards of exhaust gas.

    3. Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask:
    There are many kinds of viruses in the air. In public space and when commuters take public transportation, it is easy to transmit the virus through droplets in confined space and affect their health. EVERYDAY MASK develops a special mask for outdoor anti-bacterial needs. HEPA filter material can effectively filter harmful molecules in the air and achieve a 3-fold air permeability effect. Even if you wear it for a long time, you can breathe smoothly and not be stuffy. In addition, a layer of protection effect is also added for slight air pollution. Wearing a mask under cold wind in winter will not only prevent wind, but also keep you warm and comfortable.

    4. Indoor Protective Mask
    Indoor pollution may be 5 times higher than that of outdoor, in addition to bacteria, viruses, and dust mites, PM2.5 flowing into the room, kitchen fume, furniture, household appliances, cosmetics, perfume and other products are more likely to release formaldehyde and other toxic volatile substances. The invisible pollution is more harmful to human health! EVERYDAY MASK Indoor Protective Masks are made of HEPA filter material from the advanced air purifier, which can effectively filter harmful substances in the air. In addition, their air permeability is more than three times that of general medical masks. Even if they are worn indoors for a long time, you can breathe smoothly and not sultry.

    5. Anti-bacteria Mask for Children
    Air pollution is serious and droplets in public space are prevalent. Masks have become an important tool to protect children. However, masks are too hot and uncomfortable for children to wear. EVERYDAY MASK designs special anti-bacterial mask for children, and adopts advanced HEPA filter material to effectively filter harmful molecules in the air, and its air permeability is three times that of general medical mask so that it’s three times as breathable, comfortable as that of general medical masks; equipped with 3D shape, which makes it not tightly affixed to the nose and the stress-free wide ear loops will reduce the feeling of pressure. Special designs of dinosaurs and doll are also made to make children more likely to wear masks.
  • What are the characteristics of each series of EVERYDAY MASK?
    1. PM 2.5 Smog-Proof Mask : certified by Taiwan National Qualification Standards of  CNS15980:2017 , professional smog prevention is guaranteed.
    2. Protective Mask Specifically for Motorcycle Users : three-dimensional shape + activated carbon is used to block and capture harmful gas molecules, effectively block the exhaust gas to achieve protective effect.
    3. Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask : BFE(bacterial filtration efficiency) > 99%, effectively removes 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and achieves 3 times air permeability with the HEPA filtration layer.
    4. Indoor Protective Mask : with more than three times of air permeability so that you will no longer feel stuffy when wearing mask indoors.
    5. Anti-bacteria Mask : EVERYDAY MASK is developed for young children. It not only adopts HEPA filter material to achieve high efficiency and air permeability, but also greatly reduces the discomfort brought by the mask. Moreover, it specially designs two patterns favored by children to increase their willingness to wear.
  • What are the characteristics of the outer cloth of the Outdoor Anti-bacterial Mask, Protective Mask Specifically for Motorcycle Users and Indoor Protective Mask?
    1. Lattice treatment, expand surface contact area, block more large particles in the air and improve dust holding capacity.
    2. Structural treatment of material can increase the softness and fluffy degree of fabric surface and give you more comfortable touch.
  • EVERYDAY MASK originates the stress-free wide ear loops design
    Exclusive research and development of 6mm super - wide ear loops and elastic wide ear loops, not only widen the ear loops to disperse the wearing pressure behind the ear, but also develop technology to enhance the ear loops extension rate, which is up to more than 2 times after testing. High elastic ear loops can effectively reduce the pressure of the ear, and it is easy and comfortable to wear, even if you wear it for a long time.

  • “Patented Over-shaped PE nose wire” manufactured by exclusive technology of EVERYDAY MASK
    Patented and Over-shaped PE nose wire, exclusive technical method to increase the overall ductility, easy to shape and not easy to rebound, strengthen the fitting of nose area, so that the mask will be more compact and safer. Different from the general iron nose fitting line, with a risk of penetrating the mask and damaging the skin, PE nose wire can improve the fragile plastics after being hardened. It’s not easy to crack and safer. The PE materials can be recycled and reused together with masks, which is convenient and environmentally-friendly.

  • What are the features of PM 2.5 Mask? How to effectively protect PM 2.5?
    PM2.5 Smog-Proof Mask are innovatively developed with the “multi-layer functional filtration protection technology”. The materials are matched according to the size of the filter aperture. Each layer of non-woven filter particle has its own role in different size, so it can effectively improve the filtration efficiency and increase the wearing comfort for a long time.